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Ruben Erazo Subito Pianno Play Around Album Cover

Subito Pianno is the contemporary urban lounge pop music project of Ruben Erazo, a singer, songwriter, keyboardist and record producer based in Houston, Texas. He was born somewhere on planet Earth. His sound and influences are an interesting fusion of rock, pop, jazz, soul, lounge and classical music.

The name of the band Subito Pianno comes from the musical terminology “subito piano,” which means suddenly soft. Ruben added an extra “n” to give his personal touch. For him, art and music is about developing a concept that takes shape through years of searching.

Ruben is also the lead musician behind Gravity Mission, a psychedelic chillsynth collaboration featuring Portland-based creative designer and lyricist Scott Werley. The duo’s sound is a combination of electronic, ambient and conscious synthscape music that reconnects humanity with the planet and all of life. Visit Gravity Mission’s website at for more information and to purchase their music.

Thanks for listening to Subito Pianno. Share, enjoy the music and stay tuned for more to come. Music is available on all streaming services.

“For small creatures such as we, the vastness is bearable only through love.”

– Carl Sagan